Free Network Checkup

Ever wonder how healthy you network really is? Have you ever asked yourself one or more of these questions?

Why is my network running so slow?

Why do I have more than one antivirus solution on my network PC's and is it truly protecting me from infections and spyware?

Why hasn't my IT guy presented me with an annual list of recommended upgrades?

My server is really old...why isn't my support company recommending something new to protect my data and maximize my uptime?

Do I have the best backup plan is place and is it even working?

Why are my support folks always "reacting" instead of "preventing" network outages and downtime?

The list of questions is endless.  If you are asking yourself any questions along these lines then it's time to call Logical Computer Solutions.  Let us come and give you a free, no obligation network checkup.  Our non-invasive software can quickly scan your network and allows us to create a customized report that shows areas that need improvement, upgrades, security vulnerabilities and more.

Not only can we furnish you with a detailed report but we also have the know-how to get your network running the way it should be through our maintenance and remote monitoring plans.

Are you ready for that free, no obligation network evaluation?  We're ready to go on this end!  Just give us a call at 615-327-8475, 615-446-9140 or 866-72LOGIC and we'll make the geeky magic happen. 

You can also complete the form below and one of our friendly staff members will call you as soon as possible to schedule your free checkup.

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