Email Spam Filtering & More

Logical Computer Solutions has thoroughly researched the many Email filtering options available on the market today. Of the many choices out there we made the decision to exclusively offer SpamLab to bring you the best in SPAM & virus filtering. SpamLab is one of the most comprehensive filtering services available with a user level interface that allows you to control your own white and black list.

 SpamLab security and archiving products, make email systems more secure, compliant, and productive by blocking spam and other intrusions before they reach your network. Encryption, archiving and even email continuity are provided as well to help you meet compliance requirements. SpamLab's hosted model leverages the "network effect" created by billions of daily email connections to detect and block threats in real time, without requiring on-site updates. Economies of scale in storage, along with simple deployment and maintenance-free service, drive a low total cost of ownership.

Logical Computer Solutions can implement SpamLab for your entire organization in very little time. Our affordable pricing and easy implementation make SpamLab the perfect email filtering solution.

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